HelloGiggles Is Anti-Feminist

I think it’s counterproductive to criticize a woman for writing a book about her past relationships—during “Women’s Empowerment Week,” no less—especially when said woman is one of those rare breeds I like to call a “fun feminist” and said book is hilarious. But instead of tweeting something bitchy to HelloGiggles, I simply commented on the blog post in question with my differing viewpoint:

I enjoyed Julie’s book as humor writing on a subject to which most women in their 20s and 30s can relate. It was fun to read about her misadventures and completely understand what she was going through. I also found it uplifting that she eventually got her shit together and stopped picking the wrong guys. I think part of “empowering women” is sharing one’s mistakes with others in a way that educates and, if you’re lucky, entertains.

Hopefully, HelloGiggles’ readers will take the time to form their own opinions, between ordering pints of fat-free wild berry “fro-yo” and watching “The Proposal.” 

P.S. Fro-yo and Sandy Bullock? Very cool. Very “feminist.”


“At first I was beguiled by her tales of striving for the wrong guys, some nerdy, some funny, some just mean. By the second half I was worn down. Really? Another story about sleeping with and falling for a terrible suitor who only serves to make her predictably depressed? It was exhausting! I wanted to shake her and tell her to STOP IT (and then go for fro-yo and talk about Sandy Bullock movies).” — HelloGiggles – The Break-up Parade

Earlier today, instead of running another essay about how kittens are terrific, HelloGiggles.com decided to publish a tangent-rich take-down of the book I wrote to make women feel better about themselves. I responded to this piece on Twitter by saying, among other things, that if anybody ever tried to shake me OR take me by force to a “Sandy Bullock movie,” I’d call the police.

Since then, I’ve taken a nap and distracted myself with various fatty foods. But I still think this essay is a bizarre way to kick off "Women’s Empowerment Week" on the site. And that confusing The Wedding Planner for The Wedding Singer is pretty much the funniest mistake you can make in a column.

Courtney Love hates Jezebel/loves Venus

My first serious editorial job was with Venus Zine, so it warmed my heart to learn that one of my teen idols actually read and liked the magazine. Apparently, she wrote the editors at Jezebel a couple emails that mention “venuszine” (exactly the way it’s spelled in the logo, which is funny since Courtney Love is a notoriously bad speller), even implying that she wished Jezebel would be more like Venus. The rest of the blog post I couldn’t care less about, but I guess it has something to do with feminism? Oh, and Courtney Love is now blogging for xoJane.